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Face Fit Testers West Dunbartonshire & Glasgow

Now, more than ever, there is a need to maximise protection against harmful airborne substances for you and your staff. In 2020 we have also had to protect ourselves from the spread of COVID-19 therefore the wearing of face masks in the workplace is a vital piece of equipment.

My name is Harry Mackinnon, owner of HAVM Health and Safety Consultants and I have taken and passed the industry recognised exam and practical assessment to become a Qualitative Face Fit Tester, accredited by Speedy Glasgow. I work closely with the BSIF and HSE to promote best practice and to increase the awareness of Face Fit Testing. I am based in West Dunbartonshire however I am able to travel to your workplace throughout West Dunbartonshire and Glasgow, where I can carry out, in a safe environment, a Face Fit Test for you and your staff.

The minimum number of people I can test in one sitting will be five. I will arrive an hour earlier at your workplace to get set up and will ask that you arrange the running order for your staff to be tested. Only myself and the individual being tested will be in the room at any given time. Please note that it would be advantageous to advise your staff that they need to be clean shaven, have not smoked a cigarette within the fifteen minutes before their test, or have eaten chewing gum as these factors will lead to a failed test. Each test takes 30 - 40 minutes.

HAVM best practice

Keeping your staff and myself safe whilst testing

Only a maximum of 1 person to be in the room with the face fit tester at any time.

The room provided has to be large enough for the tester plus 1 person to allow for social distancing and to allow for the setting up of the equipment.

The room requires natural ventilation and access to clean drinking water is also required.

Attendees will always be expected to practice safe social distancing during the testing session.

Where social distancing cannot be maintained due to the needs of the job then face coverings (masks) will be used to minimise the risk and will be done for the shortest amount of time possible.

All masks for your staff need to be supplied by you, I will bring my own masks and gloves for personal use.

Costs for testing and travel

HAVM costs are £25 per person, with a minimum requirement of five people being tested in one sitting. Whether you have one, two or five people attend on the day the costs would be £125.00 with a £25 mileage fee if your business is within a 25 mile radius of West Dunbartonshire. Additional staff needing to be tested on the same day will benefit from a reduced fee of only £20 per person.

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